How DÜV is structured:

DÜV is an association and it is composed of the following governing bodies:

  • elects the President of the association, the Management Board, one member of the Executive Committee, the members of the other committees and the auditors
  • sets the admission fee and the annual membership dues
  • approves the association’s accounts and draft budget
  • acts as the decision-making entity on issues pertaining to the association
  • represents DÜV externally
  • prepares the business for the General Meeting and implements the resolutions adopted by the General Meeting
  • monitors the activity of the association’s interpreting and translation agency
  • promotes the profession
  • provides those graduating from our translation and interpreting institute with a suitable association which can serve as a valuable network for them

Giovanna Lo Piccolo Scagliola (Co-President, AIIC and ZHAW Liaison, in charge of continuing education)
Mirjam Gadient (Co-President, Webmaster, in charge of documents)
Suzanne Bollinger-Goetz (Treasurer, Management Committee Delegate, Head of Agency Finances, Ako Liaison)
Rahel Schöni (Management Committee Delegate, Managing Director of the Agency, Weko Liaison)
Meret Gregoris (Doko Liaison, responsible for the General Assembly)
Heidi Zibung (Üko Liaison, ASTTI Liaison)

Contact association

Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association (DÜV)
Lindenbachstrasse 7
P.O. Box, 8005 Zurich

+41 44 360 30 32

Availability: Mondays

Management Committee (GA)

The Management Committee reports to the Management Board and, in collaboration with the Managing Director, serves as the decision-making entity on issues such as objectives, strategy and pricing. It also assists the Managing Director when necessary, taking part of the workload at peak times, and manages projects. This committee has three members:

  • the Managing Director
  • a member of the Management Board
  • a member of the association elected by the General Meeting