The most current news of DÜV

Photo: The DÜV Chairman, the radiant laureate, the DÜV Managing Director (f.l.t.r.)

DÜV Excellence Award

On the occasion of the ZHAW graduation ceremony on October 31st 2018, DÜV presented its newly created Excellence Award, endowed with a prize money of CHF 1,800.00, to Nathalie Dominique Nüssli for her outstanding master’s thesis entitled „Übersetzen in die Leichte Sprache: Übersetzungsprobleme, Übersetzungslösungen und Auswirkungen auf das Textverständnis von Menschen mit Downsyndrom“.

In her thesis, Nathalie analyzed how people living with Down’s syndrome perceived a medical text written in Plain Language while at the same time pointing out the risks associated with such language use. For more information, please visit:

DÜV joined AföB

On 17 September 2018 DÜV joined the Alliance for a progressive public procurement (AföB). AföB is an alliance of 27 federations and organisations of intellectual service providers representing the interests of 3,600 companies and 36,650 individual members. It stands up for a public procurement that allows an effective competition for high quality services at a fair price.

As the number of tenders for translation and interpretation services is rising, DÜV is glad to be able to rely on a powerful partner network.