Post-editing of AI-generated translations

providing Swiss quality you can rely on.

Why bother calling on the services of professional translators? After all, ChatGPT and co. can do their job much faster. What’s more, they’ll do it free of charge! However, this commonly held view is only true in part. While AI can do a lot, it can’t do everything. Depending on the type of text, machine translations may even be completely unsuitable. And if you do opt for AI-generated translations, it is essential that they are post-edited by a human translator. Let us advise you to ensure you find the best solution for your particular needs.


For particularly important, creative or highly confidential texts. Our language professionals will draw on their human intelligence to ensure first-class translations of your stylistically demanding documents or texts containing sensitive information.

Full post-editing

This comprehensive post-editing service sees our editors put the finishing touches to machine-translated texts. They fine-tune your documents in terms of both style and terminology to ensure that you are left with a high-quality translation.

Light post-editing

With this version of post-editing, the accuracy of the machine translation is only checked with respect to its content, spelling and grammar. This option is suitable, for example, for working or internal documents whose contents need to be translated in a clearly understandable manner, but where stylistic aspects are of secondary importance.